Best Lesfic Reviews

Spencer’s Cove By Missouri Vaun

Surprises in store if you pick this book based on the blurb on the back cover and settle in for a regular romance. You’ll be magicked away into an unexpected world.


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Behind the Green Curtain

Behind the Green Curtain - Riley Lashea Unexpected. Dark. Intense. Angsty. Strange obsessions. This book is many things but mostly, compelling.

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All That Lies Within

All That Lies Within - Lynn Ames When Hannah Montana is all grown up and still leading a dual life, we get this completely fantastical book.

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Jericho - Ann McMan 4.5 stars

Warm interactions. Adorable supporting characters. Totally loveable MCs. Fluid writing. Painstaking detailing. Slow burn. Excellent dialogue. Crackling chemistry. What’s there not to love!

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Too Late... I Love You

Too Late... I Love You - Kiki Archer Connie Parker is in her early twenties and mother of a three-year-old. She had got pregnant without quite planning for it and chooses to be a stay-at-home mom. Her relationship with her boyfriend, Kurt, isn’t all that great. In fact, the author has written a very realistic relationship where both want to try making it better each time they are alone, but the interaction is so broken that together they just cannot get it right. Connie sublimates her romanticism into writing during those little pockets of time that bringing up her baby gives her.

During one of her kiddie-activity she meets Maria, another mom with a three-year-old. Maria is completely put together, seemingly out-of-Connie’s-league rich, warm, funny and openly gay. Maria extends the hand of friendship to Connie and slowly they start spending time together.

As Connie’s relationship with Kurt deteriorates, her relationship with Maria thrives and grows…so much so that the book she is writing began with cynicism about love and is growing into a romance.

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The Fling

The Fling - Rebekah Weatherspoon Sexy times. More sexy times. And then some more. But surprisingly, a lot of romance too. With almost every other scene being a sex scene, it would be difficult to imagine that there is any space left for attraction, romance and backstories. But Weatherspoon manages to pack it all in.

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That Certain Something

That Certain Something - Clare  Ashton Romcom, humour central with a side of angst. This book is so much fun and such a fluid read that it should be an immediate dive for anyone who hasn’t read it.

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Her Name in the Sky

Her Name in the Sky - Kelly Quindlen 4.5 stars

A book where the events, the emotions and the characters will stay with you for a long time. A book that has made its way into our must-read and definitely will re-read lists. This YA friends-to-lovers, coming of age book is definitely amongst the best in its niche. The book primarily deals with the many negatively detrimental effects of the pressure to conform to the heteronormative demands of societal expectations and religion.

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All That Matters

All That Matters - Susan X. Meagher 4.5 stars

This is a book in which you live the entire journey of the MCs with them. It takes the straight-until-I-met-you trope but goes way beyond that. It cannot be termed as a pure romance (there is plenty of that, though) but it expands the romance beyond the point of the exchange of “I love you” – which is what makes it so, so readable.

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Heart Block

Heart Block - Melissa Brayden Melissa Brayden is easily amongst our top five favourite lesfic authors. Her books are always well-paced, chemistry between MCs is crackling and romance is tingly. Her MCs are sweet and their friends and families usually fun. Sometimes the angst is forced, but if there has to be a formula to be followed, this is inevitable. Sadly, this book falls a little short of the usual.

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Olive Oil and White Bread

Olive Oil and White Bread - Georgia Beers We’d just finished a rather long, heavy and emotionally draining book and were looking for a fairly short and easy read which is why we picked this book. But this rather slim volume pack a huge punch. Though the cover calls it “a romance” this is “a life”. Starting from girl-sees-girl in the 1980s through legalisation of same sex marriages 20+ years later, this is a fabulous book of two people who have chosen each other for love.

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Give Me A Reason

Give Me A Reason - Lyn  Gardner This book left us overwhelmed. The huge number of emotions that this book evokes is unbelievable. It is long, but unputdownable. It draws you in immediately and keeps you firmly engaged.

Gardner has created a complex and complexed MC in Toni with a devastating past leaving her with an extreme case of PTSD. In Laura, she has created a deep and sensitive MC. The two together are so awesome that their relationship practically jumps out of the pages and takes firm residence in our hearts.

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At Her Feet

At Her Feet - Rebekah Weatherspoon Sometimes we like to jump headlong into books, often without even reading the synopsis. That way we feel we can be completely open to the book; a blank slate so to say, willing to absorb the story and character without any preconceived notions. At Her Feet was a book that we picked up because its cover looked like a sassy, urban romance which would have fun dialogues. We were stunned that this turned out to be a BDSM (more dominant-submissive than bondage and sadomasochism) book! BDSM is not a genre that we are drawn to in any way but we also like to finish a book that we’ve started. This one is about a Domme-Sub, with a mommy-little girl kink/fetish added on.

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Just Three Words

Just Three Words - Melissa Brayden This is the second book in the Soho Loft Series. The series follow the lives and romances of four friends: Brooklyn, Samantha, Hunter and Mallory. The first of the series was Kiss the Girl, Brooklyn’s story which had age gap. This one is friends-to-lovers – and definitely amongst the best friends-to-lovers stories.

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Calling the Dead

Calling the Dead - Ali Vali A crime thriller built around an irresistible romance. A yummy combination, indeed.

Detective Sept Savoie is called out to investigate a murder. The body is found behind one of New Orleans’ most famous restaurants run by the formidable matriarchal family of the Blanchards. One of Sept’s first suspects is Keegan Blanchard, owner and head chef of the restaurant behind which the dead body was found. However, when more bodies start turning up, Keegan is quickly cleared of any suspicion. But the attraction between Sept and Keegan builds. The story alternates between the growing relationship between Keegan and Sept and solving the mystery of the increasingly brutal murders.

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Embracing the Dawn

Embracing the Dawn - Jeannie Levig Jeannie Levig can be counted on to write well-developed characters. She gives each character thorough backstories, gives the readers a complete understanding of the emotional and psychological make-up of the MCs and makes them thoroughly real and identifiable people. She also has a gift for building the romance to make it a proper relationship through her narration. Her books make us feel different emotions which is one of the things that we look for in satisfying reads. The other big plus (very big plus for us) is that she writes about mature (often 50+) women. This is a demographic which deserves a lot of focus and we are so happy that Levig deals with them with sensitivity and love.

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