Best Lesfic Reviews

After Mrs Hamilton

After Mrs Hamilton - Clare  Ashton We’re kind of bamboozled by this book. It is completely out of any boundaries and expectations set for lesroms. It is twisting, twisted and throbs with secrets clawing to get out. It is intense and entirely immersive.

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Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest - Jae First off: trigger warning – this book has rape driven by homophobic hate as its central theme. Having said that, this book is extremely well written and gently handled.

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The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo - Taylor Jenkins Reid This book is sheer awesomeness. Thoroughly immersive it just makes inroads into the mind and heart making it thoroughly unputdownable.

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Survived by Her Longtime Companion

Survived by Her Longtime Companion - Chris Paynter This book is all sorts of wonderful and demands repeated readings.

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Special Delivery

Special Delivery - J.A. Armstrong Short and sweet, this story of a single mom and a doctor is traditionally romantic. No angst, likeable MCs, a good cast of supporting characters, it is easy and cute.

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A Tale of Two Mommies

A Tale of Two Mommies - Vanita Oelschlager, Mike Blanc Sweet and smart…this is a children’s book aimed at 4 to 8 year-olds but it is just so awesome. Irrespective of your age, have a look at this one!

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The Plus One

The Plus One - Natasha West A light romcom aiming to entertain without any convoluted angst and succeeding in this goal.

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A Woman Lost

A Woman Lost - T.B. Markinson DNF! DNF! DNF! And will never finish this one.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Petrie is not flawed or funny, she is just plain disgusting and horrible. She is lusting after her brother's fiancée, Maddie; she is pushing away and leading on her very loving, understanding, trusting and romantic girlfriend, Sarah, at the same time; she is trying to and wanting to cheat Sarah; she makes a pass at Maddie; she lies to Sarah throughout; she only stops pursuing Maddie when Maddie slaps (physically) rejection in her face when she makes a pass at her; she decides she wants Sarah back in her life only after Maddie rejects her and Lizzie seems to be scared of being alone (so not exactly for love); she makes zero effort to get Sarah (whom she has hurt terribly all through their relationship and especially in the end) back or make amends. And yes, she seems to be emotionally leeching off her best friend, Ethan.

We are so utterly repulsed by Lizzie that we can’t bring ourselves to give it any sort of star rating…a first for us.

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The Summer of Our Discontent

The Summer of Our Discontent - Robin Alexander Fun, funny and likeable characters – Robin Alexander is a fail-safe choice for a light feel-good read.

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Uncommon Emotions

Uncommon Emotions - Lynn Galli The opening scene? Funny, funny, funny. Moving further…totally got goosebumps with fluttering butterflies of emotion while reading about the growing attraction between the two MCs, Joslyn Simonini and Raven Malvolio.

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Winds of Heaven

Winds of Heaven - Kate Sweeney Actually, 2.5 stars

A brazen romcom with an impossible premise which achieves its goal of being a simple, fun read.

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Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm - Melissa Good Okay, we cannot be reviewing lesfic without touching the first lesfic writer that we ever became completely mesmerised by. While scouring all the Xena fanfic sites, we came across Melissa Good (aka Missy Good and Merwolf) and were completely captivated by the relationship she built between Xena and Gabrielle. Naturally, we devoured everything we could find by this writer.

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Waiting in the Wings

Waiting in the Wings - Melissa Brayden This was Melissa Brayden’s debut. Set in the world of theatre and film, this one has celebrities and co-stars falling for each other.

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Aftermath - Ann McMan We loved – absolutely LOVED – Jericho and went into this one with high hopes. But though the writing is strong and all the characters are still there, we were more than a little disappointed. What we expected was a new romance set in the town with the characters from the first book being present in supporting roles. What we got instead was just life going on with the same characters.

Under a Falling Star

Under a Falling Star - Jae This is a fanfic of a fanfic. Not too long back there was barely any lesfic and lesbian romances were even more scarce. Into that world, Xena exploded and spawned a number of sites dedicated to fan stories about Xena and Gabrielle. From pure fanfic, the Xena stories expanded into what was termed as ‘uber’ fiction where the MCs were still Xena and Gabirelle but with different names in different settings. Melissa Good* became one of the most popular authors and her uber fanfic introduced Dar and Kelly in Tropical Storm (published in 2006). Under a Falling Star is essentially Tropical Storm. The characters, the characterisations, the relationship, the relationship development, the interactions between the MCs and even some important plot points are all Tropical Storm.

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Blessed Twice

Blessed Twice - Lynn Galli Though this is the third book of a series, it is the first one we read, and rather liked it. In fact, it felt like a standalone book, which by itself is quite a win for the author.

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